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Hire LX18V3 - 1000W 8 ohms

Hire LX18V3 - 1000W 8 ohms

  • Brand: B52
  • Product Code: Hire B52 LX18V3
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The LX-18EV3 delivers intense long-throw bass from a powerful, mobile and extremely affordable subwoofer. Ideal for live sound and music replay applications, the LX-18EV3 features the B-52 18-220X subwoofer. The made in the U.S.A. cabinet features 7-layer 3/4” plywood construction, reinforced internal bracings, and is finished with impact forgiving black carpet and 4” heavy-duty casters.

All B-52 folded-horn cabinets are loaded with the new B-52 18-220X subwoofer which provides high-power handling, great efficiency, very low distortion and accurate sound reproduction. Key features include:
• 4-inch “inside/outside” voice coil wound on both
sides of the glass fiber coil former, providing more
effective cooling through greater air contact
• The light weight and robust cast aluminum frame is
shaped to minimize reflections on the back of the cone
• The entire loudspeaker is designed to work as a “heat sink” for extreme cooling efficiency
• The advanced magnet topology ensures an even
distribution of magnetic flux throughout the whole
magnet assembly, resulting in symmetrical motor
movement preventing stray flux which can cause
• The glass-fiber impregnated cone incorporates a
sealed surround and added edge-damping to greatly
reduce the occurrence of unwanted cone resonances
• The vented magnet ensures constant air circulation to drive heat away from the magnet assembly

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