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Wharfedale TITAN12D Active 1000W PRG

Wharfedale TITAN12D Active 1000W PRG

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• Wharfedale TITAN12D Active 1200W PRG 12″ 2-Way ABS Moulded Speaker. Qubit processor; features true independent LF and HF signal limiting
• Wharfedale Pro’s Titan 12D – 1200W PRG models now use bi-amplified, Class D technology, creating a more efficient and powerful system, even lighter than the previous generation. This model also introduced Qubit, Wharfedale’s powerful and precise 24-bit 192kHz DSP processing. With advanced adaptive multi-band dynamic processing and filtering, Qubit fine tunes your system to sound natural and open.
• Along with that. true independent adaptive LF and HF signal limiting helps protect the units against thermal damage and driver over-excursion. These are a quality speaker unit, in a heavy duty ABS cabinet making it suitable for many installed or touring uses. 
• But wait – there’s more – the TITAN12D includes a moisture proof woofer – so they can withstand outdoor conditions. 
• Power: 1200W PRG
• Max SPL: 127dB
• Power amplifier type: Dual Class D modules (LF and HF)
• Dimensions / Weight: 556x384x312mm / 12.4Kg
• Rating: 250W RMS + 50W RMS

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